Fascist president ,
polytechnic is not your place


Now you can buy your bioengineered buddy.
I think someday we can purchase our children instead of pregnancy!
somebody must bury me.


bbcnews : An Iranian student leader has died in jail while on a hunger strike to demand his release.
When I remember the movement of the students on "18 tir" (8th July) in tehran,
I remember many things, but I remember no leader or leadership group.
our leader , Mr President khatami drowned in doubts and fears and left the students alone.
after 8th July, Islamic Republic was on urgent need to hang a few students to keep the students in fear and make them remember that they must pay high prices for political activities against Islamic Republic. they chose a few students like Mr. Mohammadi and Ahmad Batebi.
In fact they were not leaders but they were punished as leaders. Alas ..

ps. May his soul rest in peace.


Lebanon is burning in war, as you've seen on TV.
but all of this sounds like an story in an other world.
really I can't distinguish the difference.
It's a shame that I have no feeling about.
I wonder the Israeli commander who named this war "Operation Summer Rain"
must feel the same.


Sad deads
Happy deads
Perfumed saints
Deads who are dead from the fetid smell
That is all the world
That was all the world
We were never alive

-- by 4040e
after a lot of wandering with different guys and gals in my life ,
I can say that, "being different" has no genuine value by itself. It's not even a good feature.


This is the cutting edge tech device in religious business : praise meter!!
you can buy it for 3$ in holy cities like Mashhad.
every time you say "praise and greeting to God Mohammad and his descendants"
you must push the button and it counts your praises. then you can write down your praise count and use it in judgment day ;]


Like many other lazy people, I clean my kitchen when It really needs to be cleaned and this habit sometimes makes funny scenes.
today I noticed that a little sprout is growing in my kitchen sink!!
she's so fresh that I decided to keep her, and I won't wash my dishes
to see what will happen to her !


I've read tons of reasons about Iran's losses in world cup 2006.
many of them are focued on the lack of physical Fitness ,
weakness of our gutless head coach (Branko) and our damned captain (Ali Daei).
but Iranians can not be analyzed by such linear logic.
the main reason of our defeat was the presence of the girls in the stadium,this shocked our team and they couldn't concentrate on playing.
yes, that's why ali daei was walking sooo slowly and staring to Irans's fans all the time!!


Our Little Black Fish ...

They say we don't need heros anymore
okay , if a H-E-R-O makes them nervous
let me call him our little black fish.
we need little black fishes to make us remember where the stream ends.

ps. I found the little black fish story in english, here


oh my, read this article in telegraph ,
somebody must say to neo nazis that ahamad nejad is our joker president, forget about him please!


Only In Iran ...
once upon a time , a cockroach in a cartoon by mana neystani said "Namana?!" which means like "What?!" in Turkish. In Azeri Cities people said the cockroach speaks in Turkish so they wanted to say Turks are cockroaches. Angry protestors torched police cars and banks and Security forces killed at least 9 people in clashes.
ps. The Logical Result: cockroaches are very dangerous to human health!


I dunno why a commenting system like enetation or a web stat system like sitemeter must be censored, but anyway they're filtered in Iran and I forced to change my commenting system to blogger and all my comments are gone by now. damn!


I was testing google trends today, It shows the geographical distribution of searches.
I tried many keywords, but one keyword surprised me : Jennifer Lopez
Tehran shines on the top of the list! may be our 20,000,000 basij militia are searching Jennifer Lopez to kill her ;)


Just when all seems fine and I'm pain free
Jab another pin
Jab another pin in me
Jab it


hehe, you've found my mask ?
you're welcome to level II.


trapped in lovka dillema ;
You never get away,
you only get somewhere else


Seraph - 'You never truley know someone until you fight them'


ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
hehe, Iran government has filtered Yahoo! Geocities completely,
what the heck!


Persistent illness,
But still he does not die.


"Three of Swords - Reversed
in the Attitude position.

Hidden mental attitude.

Be aware of the lure of the role of the tragically broken-hearted lover. It gives the lover reason to pine and mourn and never move forward. It is a sham, an excuse to avoid life."

- I do avoid it ,
"May God defend me from my friends; I can defend myself from my enemies.
Voltaire (1694 - 1778) "
"May God defend me from my friends; I can defend myself from my enemies.
Voltaire (1694 - 1778) "


How high one must be, to fall a lifetime.
setp by step,orkut becomes the most unstable enterprise web service ever.


I feel a wide range of disgusting variety inside.
notice the garbages, every part may clean
but as a whole, It's garbage.
dirtiness lies under the variety.
dirtiness lies under the variety.
dirtiness lies under the variety.


I'm your mind giving you someone to talk to ...


today I fixed an appointment on the conjunction of talaqani street with somaye street.
for those who don't know tehran, I must say that these steetes are parallel.
any cure for me? any hopes?


somebody - will you come to gitex 2004 ?
me - nope! just CEBIT !!!

I joined http://www.business24.com ,
It looks well for business ventures,
but after joining I noticed that I'm not a venture capital
and It's a little expensive to make relationships there :]
I didn't get used to it.
Never I do , and never I will.


-Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt

- pooh!


Life is not a race, I'm not a horse
Life is not a race, I'm not a horse
Life is not a race, I'm not a horse
Life is not a race, I'm not a horse
Life is not a race, I keep telling myself. But then I look around and everyone's wearing brand-new running shoes.


Are they really interested in you or are they just interested in seeing if you're interested in them? And if you're interested in them, is that going to make them less interested in you, or more? Why is this such a head trip?
Desperate hearts, desperate hearts
I don't write it, because I don't want to forget it.


my old old friend, ardeshir kazemi always says a quotation from blake to me :
He who binds to himself a joy,  Does the winged life destroy 
But he who kisses the joy as it flies, Lives in eternity's sun rise.
I simply don't give a damn ...


jon says "Who said that for a small donation,My lost soul would be saved?"